International Swine Industry Congress!

The ‘10th International Swine Industry Congress’ is the most traditional event of the sector and remains focused on all matters regarding international pork production. Researchers, teachers, experts and professionals from all over the world debating topics such as production systems, antimicrobials, exports, grains markets, intestinal health, immunity, consumer preferences, antibiotic resistance, collective gestation, emerging and cross-border diseases, ambience, animal well-being, automation, vaccines, slaughter weight, replacement, artificial insemination, health and nutrition.


We will discuss with you the future of the industry on the entire world, with the right to a lot of content and exchange of experiences.
You cannot miss out on the most profitable and disputed swine protein business and new technology space in the world. The most representative and valued companies operating in the pork production chain in Brazil and Latin-America have already confirmed their attendance to the modern exhibition of technological solutions in the sector, the ‘Trade Fair’ of PorkExpo.


“It’s time to roll up our sleeves and work harder than ever before for Tomorrow’s Pork, which is our mission. Time to talk and close deals about technology, quality, efficiency, health and productivity, with sustainability and health for both Brazilian and foreign families, in addition to financially meeting the targets of the swine industry corporations”, encouraged Flávia Roppa, creator and President of the event.

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