There have been nine memorable editions of the event since 2002, promoting the meeting of all professionals related to pork from Brazil and the rest of the world. There is no agenda or program regarding this animal protein without a deep tie to PorkExpo & International Swine Industry Congress.


Pork returns with an ever most modern, engaging and innovative program and with special attention to every citizen’s food safety.


We’ll have about 45 national and international speakers who are a reference in agribusiness, food and swine industries and much more. All of this with the constant aim to turn PorkExpo into the biggest gathering of swine producers in the world.

Technical and Marketplace Panel

Presentation of Scientific Works

Commercial Technical Events

Speakers from Worldwide

We inaugurate a new year, as a symbol of renewal, new times and optimistic prospects. A program of lectures, actions, debates, launches and interaction to renew the faith and energy that we have and bring to the world, which rise from every farm, every plant, every retail point or anyplace where pork from Brazil and the rest of the world is consumed and promoted.

And we will further consolidate the motto that has motivated PorkExpo ever since the beginning of the organization of yet another historic event: ‘2022 – The Beginning of a New Decade of Innovations for the Swine Industry’.