You will enjoy the unique opportunity to participate and interact in an absolutely unprecedented occasion amongst the chief international meetings on meat: PorkExperience.

A sensorial experience never seen before, with pork tasting, information clinics and a great deal of Science. A complete tour through all steps of the modern swine production chain, which will connect participants to the itineraries that mark the production work of a kind of food that meets all the requirements of modern markets and consumers of animal protein on the planet.


With unprecedented activities and gourmet islands scattered around the event. Genetics, Reproduction, Breeding Management, Nursery Management, Termination and Rebreeding Management, Animal Well-Being and Sustainability, Digitalization and Technologies, Slaughter and Food Safety, Meat Consumption Marketing, Sensoriality and Tasting.


“Our proposal is to involve partners and participants in a complete and intense environment of activities related to our pork. From Marketing to the Marketplace, from exports to Agribusiness professionals, from the birth of the piglet on the farm to the sensations involved when savoring a tasty food”, reveals Flávia Roppa, President of the 10th International Swine Industry Congress.


“Times change, concepts evolve and society changes its behavior. Today, eating has gained a much more complex dimension for human beings. It involves respecting animals and the environment. The use of equipment and supplies that satisfy and provide swine with health and comfort. And by tasting a delicacy that is much more than a simple meal. And, yes, a magical moment that will connect Nature in an intimate and absolutely unique way to the five senses of the human being. A product to look at, hear the heat, smell the aroma, touch with our mouth and tongue and savor in a full dimension. Stimulating the integration of perceptions is a strategic recipe for the success of any food. It is much more than Nutrition. It is a rich and endless source of great pleasure”, adds chef Flávia Quaresma.

PorkExpo 2016

You will enjoy a rich exchange of professional experiences, relationship, inspiration, marketing, launches of new technologies, trade fair, lectures with updated content, technical meetings for businesses, exhibition of scientific works, gathering and pleasure at the stands, marketing actions from state, national and international entities related to the industry, contact with media professionals, interaction in hundreds of social media, visit and talk with the executives of the main swine farming companies worldwide.